HR Graph HR Graph Premium

Graph, Log and Export your Heart Rate data

HR Graph Premium is now in development

Pricing has yet to be decided, suggestions are welcome.

Premium Features Planned:

  • Adjustable Heart Rate scale and range (Y axis)

  • Continous data capture and export capability (currently no data is stored anywhere)

  • Depending on the success of the above, a web based data viewing and analysis platform for the Heart Rate data will be created.

The adjustable ranges and data export capabilities have also been requested via emails to the support address: , so thankyou to those who have made suggestions which have provided the motivation for this further development.

Further details and screenshots will be made available soon.

If you would like to see additional features please get in touch using the above email address. Please note that data export and possibly other features are likely to be part of an optional premium feature set, please suggest via email what you would be willing to pay as a one off fee for such a feature.